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What a Month!!!

Its the end of our first official month, and the numbers are in! We started actually on Feb 11 and in just 17 days on the air we had over 812 Total Listeners and 271 Unique Listeners!!! That is an AMAZING accomplishment! It shows that we are doing SOMETHING right.

I want to thank everyone for their support and for listening! I could not have done it without my listeners.

This month was a HUGE growth month for Classic Jams Radio. We launched our website, our mobile version of the website, our Amazon Alexa Skill, Our Iphone App and now just our Android App too!! Can you believe we did all of this in jut 17 days???

I ran some 1 hour shows that I hope you guys enjoyed: My Top 10 Classic Disco Songs (which got me a LOT of flack), My 80s Dance Mixtape, and my 80s Rock Playlist. I will keep these shows happening and try to do some more shows and even get some guest DJs to come on the air in the future.

Its really hard to please everyone, and everyone likes something else. Some people sent me feedback that they want more disco and less 90s, others send me emails to get rid of the classic disco, and of course there were those that said only put on Eurodance and 90s Rock... lol!!! I guess the bottom line is, I want to keep a wide audience and I don't want to limit my audience. I am trying my best to spread the music evenly so that there is a flow from one decade to the next and one genre to the next. I hope that works. I will continue to tweak that going forward. Please keep your feedback coming!

Movie & Sound Clips! I added a bunch of these movie and sound clips from the 80s and I just LOVE them. I am wondering if you guys also like them too?? I got a few positive emails from people, but many listeners didn't comment. Many people just listen and dont comment. If you don't comment, then I won't know what you want. lol! So... Let me know what you think of Classic Jams!

Lastly, did you know that you can REQUEST YOUR SONG right from the website (soon we will add it to IOS and Android Apps too). Just logon on to our website and click on the request a song tab and follow the directions to request your song. (Request songs will NOT play during the "special shows" like 70s on 7am/pm, 80s on 8am/pm, and 90 on 9am/pm).

Ok, I am talking WAY too much, so I will end it with a simple THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!


Charles Sued

Owner, Classic Jams Radio

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