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The #1 80s Streaming Radio Station in the USA

About Us

"I am such a HUGE fan of music, especially music from the 70s, and 80s.  I love Classic Disco, Dance, and Rock."  - Charles Sued, Owner of Classic Jams Radio

If you want something good,, then DO IT YOURSELF!  It's so true this statement.  I searched everywhere looking for "the music that I like" online and couldn't find it.  Then I wondered how many others are also searching for it.  

I started to DJ when I was just 15 years old.  I made mixed tapes in High School and before I knew it everyone in the school was asking me for tapes and playing them everywhere!  People still stop me and say "I still have your tape!"    It's so awesome to hear that!  I did parties and sweet 16's and then some engagement parties and weddings too.  DJ'ing was so much fun and I really loved the music.  It was like I was at a party and all of the best music was on!!  

I remember winning a contest on the radio, a local college radio station WKRB in Brooklyn, NY.  Me and a friend went to the station and were Radio DJ's for a few songs, and even read the news!  THAT was such a rush.  That so many people were listening to me on the air.  Wow!  

Years went by, and I became too busy with "life" and making a living, that I forgot about the music.  It wasn't until a good friend of mind convinced me to do her birthday party, that I realized how much I missed the music.  

I made some "mix tapes" and even some mega mixes and posted them on Sound Cloud.  People everywhere still tell me that they love the mixes and play it on their vacation and everywhere.  I even went live on facebook and DJ'ed for 2 hours taking request from people who watched me live.

All of this gave me the idea to make an online radio station playing the same music that I love!  I love Classic Disco, 70s Pop, and 80s Dance, Rock, New Wave and Pop.  So I made a station that plays just that!  Classic Jams Radio was born.  

I want to take this time to thank everyone for listening and for their support!  Please use the REQUEST SONG to request your favorite song, and please CONTACT ME if your favorite song is not there.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ways to improve the station.  

Thanks so much!!!!!

Charles Sued  - Owner, Classic Jams Radio

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