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Welcome Back, Welcome Back... WELCOME BACK!

I'm so happy and excited to officially announce that as of January 1, 2024, Classic Jams Radio is BACK and FULLY OPERATIONAL! We are fully licensed and our website is running smoothly, as are our Apple& Android Apps, and Alexa Skill. If you have been following our Instagram Page, you already know this. There is tons of content there. If you are not following our Instagram page, please follow us at @classicjamsradio Make sure to check our daily stories for great repost as well from all of our famous artist and friends. Just today Paula Abdul liked our story, and Company B commented in our post! Also today, the freestyle great Cynthia reposted our story too. I really appreciate all of the love!!!!

So...why did we shut down?? What happened?? It was a licensing issue. When you have a radio station either on AM, FM, or Internet you have to pay licensing fees, AKA Royalties to the artist and record labels. We pay per song (or performance) by how many listeners we had for each song. So if 40 listeners are listening to a song, we send then a report at the end of each month, and we pay them money. They have a minimum fee per year. It used to be $500 a year. Although we were quite big, we never met the minimum of $500. Then in 2022, they raised the minimum to $1000. I had no idea and I paid the $500 and then they told me , that we owe $500. I said, well I paid it already. When they told me they raised the minimum I was pretty upset. I decided to shut down the station in August of 2022, instead of caving to pay the higher minimum.

Over the years, I missed the music, I missed the station, I missed the "2 for Tuesday's" and the "Saturday Night Dance Party". I missed bringing the music to YOU. So I decided to swallow my pride and re-open the station and pay the $1,000 per year licensing fee too for 2024. I'm really happy to bring back Classic Jams Radio. Thanks so much to all of the listeners who messaged me on Instagram asking me to bring back Classic Jams Radio. You guys have definitely inspired me to make it happen.

As the Bingo Boys Say..... "NOW, HERE COMES THE MUSIC!"

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