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Have a Song Request?

At Classic Jams Radio, we LOVE song request! You can request a song on our website, and now on our APP too. On the App just press the "request track" button and search for your song. On our website look for the Request a Song link.

As long as we are not running a show or program, we can get your request on very shortly. For example on Tuesdays, all day we run a show called "2 for Tuesday" so your request will not be played during that day. Also other shows we have during the week can prevent your request from getting played like 70s a 7, 80s at 8, 90s at 9, and some others. So if you dont hear your request come on, please check our schedule to see if we are having a special show.

If your song is not on our playlist, please feel free to send us a message , or text or telegram and let us know. We will do our best to add it to our station ASAP.

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