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Request a Song feature is Now Live!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Now you can request a song right from our website! No busy telephone numbers to call,

Its really EASY to do it:

1. Logon to click on the "Request a Song" Link.

2. In the search bar type in part of the name of the song and look on the list below for your song.

3. When you find your song (I hope you do!), click on the red checkbox to select it.

4. On the next screen again select the red checkbox below to confirm your request.

5. Listen online for your song to be played.

Its really simple!

Some things to note:

  • 12am-5am is the best time to request a should come on right away.

  • Song Request will not be played during "scheduled events". So if we are playing 70s Classic Disco at 7PM and you want to hear Joan Jett, it won't come on, sorry, lol!

  • Song request will be played all other times during the day when there is no scheduled event.

  • You can only request 5 songs in a 60 minute period and up to 10 songs per day.  (Sorry but we need to give everyone a chance)

  • If you don't find your song, please send us a message by clicking on the "contact us" link above and we can add it, and we will let you know. Sorry we can only add music that fits into our genre.

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