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Let Me Take You Dancing

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Yes, who would think that the Canadian Rocker Bryan Adams sings this song! Yes, its the SAME Bryan Adams who sings "Summer of 69", "Cuts like a Knife" and more! This song was released as a pop single in 1978 by Bryan Adams and Jimmy Vallance on A&M Records.

They hired a DJ called John Luongo to remix the song into a disco hit. Disco was REALLY big at that time. So the DJ sped up the record. Back then there was no time compression, so his voice was also sped up along with the record, giving him a "chipmunk type" sound.

The song was a HIT and climbed to #22 on the disco chart. Everything was going great until Bryan Adams actually heard the song playing on the radio! He called up the record label screaming and forced them to recall all of the records in the stores. Bryan Adams doesn't like to talk about this really, and the record was never released on a compilation album in the USA. His management even tries to make sure that YouTube takes it down when it is uploaded as well. At least I know that my original 45 record is worth a LOT!!!

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