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Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes!

I’m getting a LOT of emails asking me “What Happened to the 90s Music”?

So, I want to explain. Originally, I started Classic Jams to be the “Best Mix of the 70, 80s and 90s”. I love the 90s Eurodance music, and the 90s Rock as well. Groups like Good Charlotte, Blink 182, and Ace Of Base, Real McCoy are some of my favorites.

The problem was the station was getting split up into 2 segments, the segment that liked the 70 and 80s Music, and the segment that liked the 80s and 90s Music. So when the classic disco music would come on, I would lose all of the “80s-90s Fans” and they would tune out. When I played the 90s music, I would lose all of the “70s-80s Fans”.

After much thought, I decided to focus on what I know best, and that is the 70s and 80s, with more of a focus on the 80s. It was a hard choice, but I thought its better to be the BEST at something, instead of being “mediocre” at everything.

I tweaked my daily playlist and removed the 90s music from it, and I also cancelled the “90s at 9” shows as well. I left the music in the library and maybe I will have special playlist from time to time, but for now, Im focusing on what I know BEST, the 80s.

Since then, I have added a LOT more 80s music, such as an extensive Freestyle assortment, a lot of 80s House Music Hits, and 80s R&B songs as well. I also added more 70s Pop songs to compliment the 70s Disco music that we have.

I recently “tweaked” the playlist again today and It has a great mix of everything, from 70s Pop, 70s Classic Disco, 80s Disco/Dance, 80s Freestyle, 80s New Wave, 80s Pop, 80s House, and 80s R&B. I really feel this is the PERFECT MIX.

For all of the 90s listeners, that I am disappointing, I am truly sorry. I know there are MANY more great 90s online stations that do a much better job that I have done.

For all of the 80s listeners, Please check out the station again, I think you will be pleasantly surprised and much happier with the new playlist.

Thanks to all of my AMAZING Listeners for their Loyalty and for their Support!!!

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